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History of the Book of Second Timothy

Is it required to have endurance in ministry? This second epistle to Timothy is a combat manual designed to build up and encourage him to boldness and steadfastness in spite of the hardships he's suffering from in spiritual warfare. Unsuspectedly, Paul, from prison, writes to Timothy a letter of encouragement. This is another one of Paul's pastoral epistles. Encouraging Timothy to use the Word of God continuously was the main focus of this letter. This is the secret for anyone under spiritual attack and for anyone who comes across obstacles in spreading the Gospel. The hardships being faced now have instructions on how to overcome them. For a person like Timothy, Paul needed him to know that he needed to overcome his natural tendency to be timid and then go out and boldly proclaim the gospel, even if it meant that he would suffer for it. Even though this letter was written back in A.D. 67 , this book will help anyone who is facing battle in spiritual warfare to overcome.

Father God,

We pray in intercession that You send Your Spirit to the one that wishes to read Your Holy Word in this Epistle of Second Timothy. We pray that You fill them with understanding, so that they may discern and have placed on their heart the things which they need to know as they read this New Testament Book of Your Holy Word. Thank You for hearing our prayer Holy Lord.

In Your great and Mighty Name we pray,


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